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Tired of taking your vehicle into the shop? Always worried where you ll be stuck when your car breaks down again! Does your engine light keep coming on? Can t seem to get that strange noise to stop? You might have a lemon.

At The Lemon Law Attorneys we work for you wherever you are located.

Each state is unique and has it s own set of rules and regulations and the lemon law is a bit different in all of them. While in many states the statute of limitations prevents us from making a claim on cars older than 2010 model year, don t worry about finding the information on your own, we can help. Is your vehicle a lemon? Even if you don t qualify under your state s Lemon Law, there are many other remedies available that help protect you from being stuck with that clunker. Take two minutes and call us with your story, we ll listen and inform you of your rights. Take a look at our Reviews and Testimonials page to see what our many happy clients are saying.

No fee or cost to you! All fees and costs are paid by the manufacturer. You pay nothing! Don’t delay, take a moment right now and end all the headaches with your vehicle. If you are having car problems, call us toll free at 1-877-57-LEMON (1-877-575-3666) today to speak to a lemon law attorney, or you can complete the email evaluation form for a free case evaluation. We will never bill you for anything ever!

Lemon Law Easy as 1 2 3

1 Tell us your problems. Call us at 1-877-57-LEMON or complete the free case review form

2 We evaluate your case for free. Our Lemon Law lawyers will evaluate your case and discuss the best way to resolve it quickly.

3 Compensation. We negotiate an agreement with the manufacturer (cash, full refund, replacement vehicle).

Having trouble with your car? Speak with an experienced Lemon Law attorney!

The call and advice are FREE.

(877) 575-3666

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