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For the first 6 months after obtaining a driver license, may only drive with:

  • Parents or legal guardian at least one of whom holds a valid driver license
  • Licensed driving instructor or
  • Person providing instruction who is at least 20 years old, has held a license for at least 4 years with no suspensions during the last 4 years

For the second 6 months. may drive with the above people and may also drive with immediate family (e.g. brothers, and sisters).

Until 18 th birthday. may not drive between hours of 11 p.m. � 5 a.m. unless it is for:

  • employment
  • school
  • religious activities
  • medical necessity

*See exemptions below

Until 18 th birthday. all passengers in vehicle must use permanently installed seat belts.

Cell phones, etc.

Until 18 th birthday. may not use cell phones (even if hands-free) or other mobile electronic devices while driving. This includes any hand-held computers or other device with a video display.

*Passenger and Curfew Exemptions:

The passenger and curfew restrictions do not apply to:

  • active members of a volunteer fire company or department responding to an emergency
  • active member of volunteer ambulance service or company responding to an emergency

Motorcycle Restrictions for 16/17 Year Olds

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