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Why Stanford Law Firm?

Most lawyers only focus on one thing: Money. The problem with thinking this way is that cases are really about people. People who are hurt. People who are scared. People who need justice. Justice is about making the person whole. At Stanford Law, our clients are more than just claim numbers and a pay check.

Trusted Litigators. Proven Results.


Get the representation you deserve. We treat every case with the dignity, respect and sensitivity they require.


At Stanford Legal Firm, our results speak for themselves. We have over 35 years of success and counting.


Every case is different. We work directly with our clients to make sure their needs are met.

Get Your Free Legal Consultation

Being engaged in a lawsuit is hardly an ideal situation. You may find yourself very quickly being bogged down and weighing the pros and cons to every decision you make. The dedicated team here at Stanford Law Firm thank you for visiting our site and offer you a free legal consultation. We wish you luck with your legal endeavors.

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