Pre-Law Studies Course of Study

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#COAF Scholars must complete the following courses:

    • BUSL 10 – Introduction to Law and the Legal Process
    • ENGL 1A – Composition
    • ENGL 1B Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking
    • COMSTD 72 – Logic and Argumentation
    • PS 1 – American Politics
    • SCSCI 10 – Statistics for Social Science (or Stat 10 – Elementary Statistics)
    • One U.S. History course selected from the following courses:

      • HIST 17 – United States History through 1877
      • HIST 18 – United States History from 1865
      • HIST 19 – History of Ethnic Relations in the United States
      • HIST 20 – History of the United States from 1945 – Present
      • HIST 50 – African-American History I
      • HIST 51 – African-American History II
      • HIST 70 – Chicanos: The Common History of Mexico and the U.S.
      • HIST 71 – Chicanos: The Chicanos Minority in the United States

    Total Units – 22

    Upon a counselor’s recommendation, students should also complete GUID 2 – Essentials of Student Success

    Santa Clara University and the University of Southern California allow deferral of up to four of the program courses until after the student has transferred, as set forth below:

    Deferral of courses at Santa Clara University (SCU):

      • SCU Political Science 1 in lieu of PS1
      • SCU History 96A or 96B in lieu of one of the listed U.S. History courses
      • SCU English 177 in lieu of COMSTD 72
      • Any SCU course approved for the Core Experiential Learning for Social Justice
      required in lieu of Service / Civic Learning

    Deferral of courses at University of Southern California (USC):

      • USC Communication 141, Applied Debate, in lieu of COMSTD 72
      • USC Political Science 100, Theory and Practice of American Democracy, or Political
      Science 120, Comparative Politics, in lieu of PS1
      • USC History 100gm, The American Experience, or a score of 4 or 5 on the AP U.S. History
      exam, in lieu of one of the listed U.S. History courses
      • USC Math 208x, Elementary Probability and Statistics, or a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Statistics
      exam in lieu of either SCSI 10 or STAT 10

    Advanced Placement (AP) test credit may be applied to four-year undergraduate requirements pursuant to Santa Clara University’s or University of Southern California’s respective policies. Students who defer one or more courses and do not take the course at Chaffey College will still qualify as COAF Scholars, as defined in the agreement between the participating educational institutions.

    For more information about Pre-Law Studies contact:
    David Karp, Professor, Business and Business Law at 909/652-6846 or
    Abel Chen, Professor Business, Business Law, Paralegal at 909/652-6847

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