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Master of Laws by Coursework (LLM)

The Master of Laws (LLM) by formal coursework offers law graduates the opportunity to acquire further expertise and enhance their career prospects. Courses are practical and applied and concentrate on law in action. Each course contains a significant research component.

Master of laws

Program structure

To incorporate a specialisation into a Master of Laws by Coursework degree, students must choose 4 courses (24 uoc) from those allocated to that specialisation. The remaining courses may be selected from any of those offered by UNSW Law.

International LLM coursework students are required to enrol in the course Australian Legal System in their first semester. Some students may be exempt from this course because of their academic and professional background.

Visit UNSW Online Handbook for further information.

Note: Students who have completed 36 UOC but become unable to complete their Masters program may be eligible to exit with a Graduate Diploma in Law.

Entry requirements

  • LLB or JD – minimum credit average (65% or higher) as determined by the UNSW Postgraduate Coursework Entry Calculator OR
  • LLB or JD with minimum two years’ relevant professional experience.

Credit CPD units towards the UNSW LLM

UNSW Law’s Continuing Legal Education (CLE) conducts a series of quality CLE seminars each year. Students who have attended at least 18 hours of UNSW Continuing Professional Development seminars may be eligible for advanced standing of 6 units of credit or 1 course of the LLM if they have produced a substantial piece of legal writing (circa 6,000 words) such as an academic paper, submission to government/law reform commission, or contributed to an official report.

For approval of this option, the student needs to follow these steps:

  • Undertake 18 hours of CPD on a cohesive subject area and discuss this directly with CPD staff.
  • Liaise with CPD staff to have a certificate produced by CPD attesting to the completion of the 18 hours.
  • Be admitted into the UNSW LLM program.
  • Present your certificate to UNSW Law Student Services, with a view of obtaining advanced standing.
  • UNSW Law Student Services will then liaise with the Director of Postgraduate Programs who much approve the topic of your paper (or, if already published, the text itself). The research essay must be submitted within 90 days of the topic being approved, and no later than five years from when the first UNSW CPD activity for which equivalency is sought has been completed.
  • The work you present should be your own work and clearly identifiable as such. Therefore, pieces of writing collectively produced, however meritorious, cannot be considered.
  • You should consider topics that connect with the UNSW CPD activities for which you are seeking advanced standing.
  • Your submission will be considered by the Director of Postgraduate Programs, and marked as pass/fail simply for the purposes of granting you advanced standing. No supervision is available in the preparation of original work.
  • This procedure also applies to UNSW LLM students already enrolled, and who wish to do one of their courses via UNSW CPD units.

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