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Law Firm Marketing

With so many internet marketing companies out there, is MileMark Media the right choice for your firm? Let’s break down the key components of an effective web marketing program and compare how our law firm marketing services stack up to both your current provider and other potential competitors.

The foundation of any digital marketing program is your website.

  • Does your current provider focus exclusively in law firm web sites?
  • Do they understand and comply with your state’s strict bar rules and regulations?
  • Have they incorporated best practices to drive conversions and instantly engage with prospective clients?
  • Is your site currently built with a responsive design so that it does not lose its integrity no matter what device it is being viewed on?

At MileMark Media, we exclusively build web sites for the legal vertical. We utilize our extensive industry knowledge, incorporate dynamic strategies from our dozens of studies on optimizing conversions and implement best practices that support our findings. We are the best of both worlds when it comes to internet marketing and legal marketing, let us build you the perfect law firm website.

Law firm marketing

Why should you choose MileMark Media?

Experienced Internet Marketers Focused Solely On Law Firm Websites

Consumers are conducting a growing number of searches on mobile devices and tablets. In fact, mobile searches have surpassed laptop and desktop searches already. We develop every website with a responsive design to enable every visitor the most optimal viewing experience.

Once the website is completed, the next critical step is driving traffic to the site through effective search engine optimization. Does your current vendor update your site’s content and invest ample hours to effectively increase your site’s authority? Google changed their algorithms over 400 times last year. Staying on top of such changes and making the necessary adjustments with your site is critical. At MileMark Media, we understand that similar to an attorney’s stock in trade, effective optimization comes down to simply time and expertise. Our law firm marketing specialists invest a significant number of hours on a monthly basis to ensure that they stay on top of the constant changes and maintain strong overall rankings and traffic.

Another key component to an effective law firm online marketing program is to have a strong Social Media and Blog presence. Fifty percent of consumers are now utilizing social media and blogs to assist in their decision making process when hiring an attorney. It is essential to establish social media pages for your law firm that mirrors your web site and syndicates content across all social media. Developing an effective Social Media strategy will expand your network and generate new clients. At MileMark Media, we realize it is important to develop and maintain an effective social media strategy. We not only write the content and manage the process, but similar to our optimization solutions, we analyze the respective results and continue to modify based upon the desired performance. Contact our law firm website marketing experts today and let 50+ combined years of law firm marketing work for you.

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An effective law firm presence online requires implementing a strategy based on the objectives of your firm coupled with the delivery of results. We have a combined 45 years of experience in law firm websites and will offer a level of customer focus that is unmatched in the industry. So instead of asking why choose MileMark Media for your online marketing needs, perhaps the question should be, “Why Not?”

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We aren t the type of company to over-promise and under-deliver when it comes to building your website and/or law firm brand. We have built hundreds of custom, responsive websites completely up to Google s latest mobile and optimization standards, we work hard toward each of our clients goals. We have 50+ years of combined law firm marketing expertise at MileMark Media, we exclusively build and market web sites for the legal industry. We utilize only the best strategies from our dozens of studies and experiences on optimizing sites, conversions, trends and outcomes. Boost your law firm’s presence online, contact our legal marketing experts for a free website consultation today.

Law firm marketing

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