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Indiana Family Laws

Welcome to FindLaw’s section on Indiana family law, with links to state resources and regularly updated information about such topics as marriage, divorce, adoption, child support, and child custody. Most family laws in Indiana are quite similar to those of other states, with a few differences. For example, the Hoosier State allows first cousins ages 65 and older to marry. As a practice area, family law also includes domestic abuse, stalking, and protective orders (all of which cross over into criminal law as well). Click on a topic below to learn more. If you need additional information, contact an Indiana family law attorney.

Learn About Indiana Family Laws

How Indiana family courts determine child support amounts for noncustodial parents, including information about which factors are considered and how child support orders are enforced in the state.

What you need to know before you get a marriage license in Indiana, which does not require blood tests, with information about age requirements, where to get a marriage license, and more.

The basics of Indiana adoption laws, with information about who is eligible to adopt, who may be adopted in the state, the procedures for adoption, and related matters.

Laws, regulations, and procedures related to domestic abuse violations in Indiana, including information about restraining orders during divorce, child custody, and the penalties for domestic violence convictions.

A general primer on Indiana’s child custody laws and procedures, including a summary of what to expect at your Indiana child custody hearing and links to related sources.

How the state of Indiana (not a community property state) identifies and ultimately separates marital property when a couple gets divorced, and what is considered separate property in a marriage.

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