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What are the Gun Laws in Oregon?

By Charles Montaldo. Crime Expert

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Caution: This summary is meant for general purposes only. Firearm laws frequently change and the following answers may not reflect changes in the laws.

Quick Reference (As of March 2007)

Rifles and Shotguns

  • Permit to purchase rifles and shotguns? No
  • Registration of rifles and shotguns? No
  • Licensing of owners of rifles and shotguns? No
  • Permit to carry rifles and shotguns? No
  • Permit to purchase handgun? No

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  • Registration of handguns? No
  • Licensing of owners of handguns? No
  • Permit to carry handguns? Yes


A resident of this state may purchase or otherwise obtain a rifle or shotgun in a contiguous state (California, Idaho, Nevada or Washington) and receive in this state or transport into this state such rifle or shotgun, unless the purchase or transfer violates the law of this state, the state in which the purchase or transfer is made or the United States.

It is unlawful to sell, deliver, or transfer any firearm to:

  • A minor under the age of 18.
  • A convicted felon, who has not had his civil rights restored.
  • A person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor involving violence or found guilty, except for insanity, within the previous four years.
  • A person listed in the Health Division Registry.
  • A person who has been committed to the Dept. of Human Services.
  • A person who has any outstanding felony warrants for arrest.
  • A person who is free on any form of pretrial release for a felony.

Paragraph 2 does not prohibit the temporary transfer of any firearm to a minor for any lawful purpose, including hunting and target shooting.

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A parent, guardian, or other person with the consent of a parent or guardian may transfer a rifle or shotgun to a minor.

All dealers, pawnbrokers or otherwise must keep a record of every handgun sold. This record shall contain the time, date and place of the sale or trade, the name of the salesperson making the sale or trade, the make, model and manufacturer s number on the handgun.

The purchaser must sign his name and affix his address to the register. Thumbprints are taken. The purchaser must present clear evidence of his identity.

A copy of the record must be mailed to the local police and state police on the day of the sale for a record check.

A gun dealer shall request by telephone that the Dept. of State Police conduct a criminal history record check on the purchaser. The Dept. of State Police shall immediately or by return call determine whether the purchaser is qualified to complete the purchase. The fee for the criminal history record check may not exceed $10. The handgun must be unloaded when delivered.

Any person who transfers a firearm at a gun show is required to request a criminal background check before completing the transfer. Any person who transfers a firearm at any location other than a gun show may voluntarily request a criminal background check before completing the transfer.


It is unlawful for a felon to possess any firearm except:

  • If the offense was declared to be a misdemeanor, at the time of judgment, by the court.
  • If the offense was for possession of marijuana and the conviction was prior to January 1, 1972.
  • If the person was convicted of only one felony under the laws of Oregon or another state, or under U.S. law, and it did not involve criminal homicide, or the possession or use of a firearm or switchblade knife, provided the person was discharged from imprisonment, parole or probation fifteen years before.
  • Where the individual has been granted relief from the disability under Oregon or Federal law, or the person s record has been expunged.

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