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Copyright and Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the economic framework which underpins the music industry and other British creative industries. Copyright is the currency of that framework. Every song or recording made by a creator or artist can be licensed for value in the UK and globally, therefore generating a substantial positive balance of export income for the UK from copyright licensing. It provides an incentive to industry to invest in new creative content.

The growth of the internet and digital communications has fundamentally changed the way we acquire and listen to music. The internet makes it easier to create, market and sell music, as well as providing innovative services and platforms to enjoy such creative content. At the same time, the opportunity to unlawfully acquire, and therefore infringe, copyright protected works is exponentially increased by the digital world. Copyright infringement causes damage to the music industry. The sector is committed to finding solutions to mitigate the damage, but this can t be achieved alone.

In the UK, copyright is governed by legislation which is derived from national law, as well as internationally via directives from European Union. Copyright is also the subject of much political debate.

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