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Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Law Association of the Rochester Area, Inc.

Collaborative law

It just makes sense

Collaborative law

You did not choose this path

Collaborative law

Collaborative practice is a contemporary approach to divorce

Collaborative law

Why Collaborate?

Collaborative law

What Do I Need to Know Now?

Collaborative law

What Do I Do Now?

Do You Have Enough Information? This Website might be the place you have started. Do you have enough information? You can get more information by visiting the Collaborative Website for the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals at There are

Our network of professionals is dedicated to the collaborative process. Put our decades of experience to work for your family.

Browse our list of Collaborative Practice members to find someone that suits your needs.

What Clients Say About Collaborative Law

Collaborative law allowed for a devastating situation to be handled with dignity. My emotions and needs were part of every conversation with both my lawyer and my spouse s lawyer.

5 month collaborative process

When children are involved, this process keeps their best interests at top priority. We are forced to deal with immediate issues at hand rather than focus on negative aspects of the past which had brought us to the current state.

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