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Existing Audio Video Courses

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  • Historical Video Series – Available from the Center for Professionalism for either $25 or $35 each plus tax. Each interview is approved from a half hour (.5) to one and half (1.5) hour of professionalism CLE credit (except where noted no CLE credit is available).

Basic Skills Course Requirement
Effective January 1, 2016, new lawyers or members completing Phase II of the Basic Skills Course Requirement through The Florida Bar’s 24/7 online or downloadable delivery system will have the option of completing three single Basic programs (a single course of at least 7 one-hour segments) or by completing 21 individual segments, or any combination of the two, as long as the member has completed a total of 21 one-hour segments within their first three years of admission. Completing three Basic level CLE courses will still satisfy Phase II of the BSCR and is equal to completion of 21 segments. If a member is only interested in completing certain segments of a single program, those segments will be made available online individually. Members can choose to complete an entire program title or individual segments of various programs as long they complete a total of 21 segments. Completion of a single program title is equal to completion of 7 segments.

Florida Bar Legal Publications

The Florida Bar produces more than 40 legal publications/
law practice manuals that are made available through a collaborative marketing agreement with LexisNexis.

FRP Continuing Education

The rule requires that you have 30 total hours of continuing education each cycle. Your total hours will appear as “General” on the website when you enter credits or check your hours. 5 of the 30 hours must be in ethics or professionalism. You still need 30 total hours. In other words, your “General” column must equal 30. The Ethics/Professionalism column must equal 5. You do not add General + Ethics/Professionalism to determine total number of hours.

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