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Canada VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the fastest emerging technologies on the planet. Customers all over the world are making the switch to VoIP, which allows them to make the most of their existing broadband Internet connection by using it to carry telephone communication as well. VoIP allows users to save up to half on their monthly phone bills, and permits them to slash both their own and their family’s long distance charges through a variety of features. The Canada VoIP market is ripe for expansion because broadband Cable and DSL internet service is becoming available in many different areas. Many Canadians are looking for ways to save money on high long distance rates.

A variety of service providers have moved into the Canada VoIP marketplace, offering several different VoIP calling plans for both residential and business customers. Vonage Canada VoIP is one of these providers offering several different levels of service, from a plan offering limited number of anytime minutes to anywhere in the US or Canada to an unlimited calling plan. All of their plans feature free service such as call display, “star”69 number identification, and voice mail that is accessible on the Internet or by e-mail. Vonage Canada VoIP is also one of the only providers offering free hardware.

Primus Canada is another company offering VoIP service. Their TalkBroadband bundles offer several different calling plans, and will soon be available across most of the country. Primus. which also offers long distance for standard (PSTN) telephone service, offers VoIP long distance rates that beat all major standard telephone companies, including their own!

Canada’s larger telecommunications corporations, such as Bell Canada and Telus. are also expanding into the Canada VoIP market. These communications giants have vast resources available to them to market VoIP services bundled with their DSL Internet services, and can offer Canadians incredible rates that undercut independent VoIP providers. To keep the playing field level, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission decided to regulate the Canada VoIP market for Canadian-based companies. While this regulation may keep prices somewhat higher for larger telecommunications companies, it will allow small companies to compete for a share of the Canada VoIP.

The Canada VoIP market started out somewhat slower than the United States VoIP network, but it is gaining speed fast as more and more Canadians discover the cost savings available with VoIP. It is anticipated that the coming years will see even greater numbers Canadian customers joining the worldwide VoIP revolution.

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