Acronyms and abbreviations #psdms


Acronyms and abbreviations

​Most work places have their own jargon (words or acronyms or abbreviations that you wouldn’t normally find in ordinary speech), and our Department is no exception.

Please note, not all letters of the alphabet have accompanying acronyms or abbreviations.

​​Commonly used jargon


ACARA – Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority

ACFE – Adult, Community and Further Education

AEU – Australian Education Union

AGM – assistant general manager

AGQTP – Australian Government Quality Teacher Program

AITSL – Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leaderships

AMEP – Adult Migrant English Program

AP – assistant principal

APF – Australian Principal’s Federation

APU – Accredited Purchasing Unit

ARC – Australian Research Council

ASCIV – Association of School Councils in Victoria

ATO – Australian Taxation Office


BAS – business activity statement

BER – Building the Education Revolution


CALD – culturally and linguistically diverse

CASES – Computerised Administrative System Environment in Schools

CAT(s) – Common Assessment Task(s) (in VCE)

CCB – Child Care Benefit

CECV – Catholic Education Commission of Victoria

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

CIS – Community Information Service

COAG – Council of Australian Governments (Commonwealth)

CPSU – Community and Public Sector Union

CRT – casual replacement teacher

CSO – Community Service Organisation

CSRDO – Child Services Resource Development Officer


DACV – Disability Advisory Council of Victoria

DEC – Distance Education Centre

DEECD – Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (previously Victoria)

DET – Department of Education (Victoria)

DHS – Department of Human Services (Victoria)

DIIRD – Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development (Victoria)

DLT – Departmental Leadership Team

DMC – Departmental Management Committee

DOI – Department of Infrastructure (Victoria)

DOJ – Department of Justice (Victoria)

DOH – Department of Health (Victoria)

DPC – Department of Premier and Cabinet (Victoria)

DPCD – Department of Planning and Community Development

DTF – Department of Treasury and Finance (Victoria)

DSE – Department of Sustainability and Environment (Victoria)


EAL – English as an Additional Language

ECIS – Early Childhood Intervention Service

EdNA – Education Network Australia

EduMail – our Department’s electronic mail service

eduPay – our Department’s payroll and Human Resources management system

EEO – Equal Employment Opportunity

EFT – equivalent full time

EIL – Education Improvement Leaders

ELC – English Language Centre

ELS – English Language School

EMA – Education Maintenance Allowance

EMS – Emergency Management Service

ENTER – Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank

EO – equal opportunity

ESC – Education support class

ESL – English as a second language

ESOS – Education Services for Overseas Students

EYLF – Early Years Learning Framework


FTE – full time equivalent

FUSE – Find, Use, Share Education. See FUSE


GM – general manager

GST – goods and services tax


HACC – Home and Community Care

HDA – higher duties allowance

HRMS – former Human Resource Management System now replaced by eduPay


ICT – Information and communication technology

IRIS – Incident Reporting Information System

ISA – International Schools Assessment

ISE – In-service education

ISV – Independent Schools Victoria

IT – Information Technology


JtC – Joining the Chorus (the Department’s former performing arts program now known as the Victorian State School Spectacular )



LCPs – Local Community Partnerships

LDC – Long Day Care

LGA – Local Government Area

LLEN(s) – Local Learning and Employment Network(s)

LLN(s) – Language, Literacy and Numeracy programs

LMERC – Languages and Multicultural Education Resource Centre

LOTE – Language other than English

LSL – long service leave

LT – leading teacher

LTE – long-term enrolment

LSWT – Local Schools Working Together


MCH – Maternal and Child Health

MCEECDYA – Ministerial Council of Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs (commonwealth)

MEA – multicultural education aide

MEYP – Municipal Early Years Plan

MIPs – Managed Individual Pathways

MoU – Memorandum of Understanding

MPB – Merit Protection Board


NAPLAN – National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy


OCC – Occasional child care

OCPC – Office for Children and Portfolio Coordination – one of the five Offices within our Department

OECD – Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

OGSE – Office for Government School Education – one of the five Offices within our Department

OHS – Occupational Health and Safety

OPRI – Office for Policy, Research and Innovation – one of the five Offices within our Department

ORI – Office for Resources and Infrastructure – one of the five Offices within our Department

OSV – Office for Skills Victoria – one of the five Offices within our Department


P-12 – a school that has students from Prep (age 5) through to Year 12 (age 18)

PAC – Portfolio Audit Committee

PCAC – Premier’s Children’s Advisory Committee (Victoria)

PCP – Primary Care Partnerships

PD – professional development

PEC – Performance Enhancement Cycle

PND – post-natal depression

PISA – Program for International Student Assessment

PoLT – Principles of Learning and Teaching

PP – Post Primary a school that has students from Year 7 (age 12) to Year 12 (age 18)

PS – primary school

PSB – Portfolio Strategy Board

PSDMS – Program for Students with Disabilities Management System

PSFO – pre-school field officer


QIAS – Quality Improvement and Accreditation System


RNL – regional network leader

RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning


SAT – School Assessed Task

SC – secondary college a school that has students from Year 7 (age 12) to Year 12 (age 18)

SCH – student contact hour(s)

SCS – Specialist Children’s Services

SDS – special development school

SEE – Skills for Education and Employment

SEIL – Senior Education Improvement Leaders

SEO – senior education officer

SGL – Superannuation Guarantee Contribution Levy

SIT – School Innovation in Teaching

SMSC – Science and Maths Specialist Centre

SRP – Student Resource Package

SSO – school services officer

SWC – student welfare coordinator


TA – teachers aide

TAFE – Technical and Further Education

TEAV – Technology Education Association of Victoria

TPL – Teacher Professional Leave


UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (international)


VALBEC – Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council​

VASSP – Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals

VBRRA – Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority

VCAA – Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

VCAL – Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

VCE – Victorian Certificate of Education

VELS – Victorian Essential Learning Standards

VET – Vocational Education and Training

VICSSO – Victorian Council of School Organisations Inc

VIP – Victorian Implementation Plan

VIT – Victorian Institute of Teaching

VPS – Victorian Public Service

VRQA – Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority

VSC – Victorian Skills Commission

VSN – Victorian Student Number

VSP – Victorian Schools Plan


WMR – Western Metropolitan Region

WWC Check – Working With Children Check


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